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Justise Winslow thinks kids should be able to come out of high school to the NBA

Justise Winslow

Top NBA prospect Zion Williamson and his recent exploding shoe incident has been the talk of the town. Miami Heat forward Justise Winslow has himself a couple of things to say about the matter, with the 22-year-old opting to take a stance against the league’s current one-and-done rule.

Winslow recently spoke with Ira Winderman of the Sun Sentinel, and the Heat youngster expressed his opinion on the hotly-contested subject.

“I think guys should definitely have the right to make that decision,” Winslow said, with all due respect for what Mike Krzyzewski did for his career in that single 2014-15 season in Durham. “Guys should have the decision to come straight out of high school.”

Winslow appears to be speaking from his own personal experience here, as he too had to do one year in college prior to being eligible for the NBA Draft. It turned out to be a good year for the former high school standout, as he averaged 12.6 points, 6.5 rebounds, and 2.1 assists with the Duke Blue Devils — the very same team Williamson is currently representing.

A year under Coach K did work in Winslow’s favor, as he was able to up his stock for the draft. He ended up being scooped up by the Heat with their 10th overall pick in 2015, and has since signed a couple of contracts with the team. His most recent extension — a three-year deal amounting to a whopping $39 million — is the very testament to the fact that Winslow has made it in the big league.

As for Williamson, however, his recent injury scare could have very easily turned out to be much worse. He could have potentially lost a lot of money had he sustained a serious injury. This is the very reason why a fair amount of folks believe that kids should once again be allowed entry to the NBA straight from high school, thereby bypassing the allegedly flawed NCAA system.