Tyler Herro of the Miami Heat was in the headlines a lot this summer as the Heat negotiated with the the Portland Trail Blazers to try to complete a trade for Damian Lillard that never came to fruition, and at media day, he was asked about being involved in those rumors.

“I'm not gonna say too much, I know my value, I'm just excited to hoop,” Tyler Herro said, via ESPN West Palm. “For the teams that didn't want me, that's on you. For the teams that do want me, you'll see why you want me.”

Herro was also asked about what it will be like to play against the Trail Blazers this season.

“Yeah it's cool,” Herro said, via ESPN West Palm. “I'm ready to just play the best. Portland ain't the best so I'm not really worried about Portland.”

The Heat made it to the NBA Finals last season as the eight seed in the Eastern Conference, beating the Milwaukee Bucks, New York Knicks and Boston Celtics on their way, before losing to the Denver Nuggets in the finals.

Herro now has some security in knowing that he will be playing with the Heat, a team that has title aspirations. They will have to contend with the Bucks and Celtics, the two teams that are viewed as main contenders in the Eastern Conference.

Despite missing out on Lillard and losing some depth pieces, the Heat should be a competitive team this year, and it will be interesting to see how they stack up with other contenders in the league.