Going into NBA Media Day, the main question surrounding the Miami Heat concerned their inability to pull off a Damian Lillard trade. Jimmy Butler is a company man, however, and did his best to draw all eyes on him instead.

The six-time All-Star sported a new hairstyle and piercing that had everyone seeing rapper and actor, Andre 3000. It was a jarring experience for those in attendance, who were given further proof that Butler is truly a one of a kind. Fans had their fun on social media, which is surely what Miami's top guy intended when he got ready for Monday's festivities.

“I'm emo,” Butler told the press, via Tim Reynolds.

The 34-year-old's commitment to the character is admirable. He obviously knew he would be bombarded with Lillard questions but took matters into his own hands. Of course, there is the possibility that Butler just could not bare the thought of playing against the star guard after he was rumored to end up in the Heat almost the entire offseason.

In all seriousness, this is exactly the type of unique mindset that has ingratiated the face of the franchise to all of South Beach and fans around the world. Jimmy Butler is unapologetically himself, even when he is pretending to be someone else entirely.

Damian Lillard could have made a tantalizing impact on Miami, but this team managed to advance to the NBA Finals twice without him. Butler's seismic effort compensates for any lack of “star power” on the roster, and based on his dedication at Media Day, he is clearly ready to lead this group to another deep postseason run.