There seems to be no love lost between former Miami Heat player Udonis Haslem and certain players of the Boston Celtics. During a podcast, the recently retired forward let his thoughts be known, going on a profanity-laced tirade.

“In my era, we used to hate the motherf*****s that we had to go against — the rivalries and all that,” Haslem said. “To this day, you all know how I feel when we got to play the Celtics. I can't stand them.”

Haslem made it clear that he had no problem with the current Boston team. However, he singled out two players back in his heyday that he dislikes until today: Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce.

“And the crazy thing about it is I like (Jayson) Tatum and I like (Jaylen) Brown. Them old motherf*****s KG (Garnett) and Paul, I don't f*** with you all. The young generation, you all can create your own beef and whatever.”

Considering Garnett and Pierce's reputation for excessive trash talk during their playing years, it comes as no surprise as to why both are still on Haslem's bad side. The 43-year-old continued his remarks, making it clear that things won't be pretty if he somehow encounters Garnett and Pierce in public.

“You already know. If I see you all in the grocery store, it's on. I don't care what aisle it is. It could be in a 7/11 around the cheese dip. All of that is getting flipped over,” Haslem concluded.

It seems like memories from those Heat-Celtics clashes back in the day still live fresh in Udonis Haslem's mind. Safe to say, if somehow Haslem, Garnett and Pierce end up bumping into each other in a grocery store, it might be best to avoid the area for a while.