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LaMelo Ball has a fan in former Hornets PG Muggsy Bogues

Hornets, LaMelo Ball, Muggsy Bogues

Charlotte Hornets guard LaMelo Ball has taken the NBA by storm and has showcased his superstar potential through the first couple of months of his rookie campaign. There was plenty of skepticism of whether Ball could be a face of the franchise, especially after Charlotte took him third overall in the 2020 NBA draft. However, he has certainly silenced his naysayers. Nonetheless, Ball also had his share of believers heading into his rookie season and one of them includes former Hornets great Muggsy Bogues.

Bogues, who appeared on SiriusXM NBA Radio, admitted he always had the 19-year old stud penciled in as his 2020-21 Rookie of the Year. The 5-foot-3 point guard, who played nine seasons with the Hornets, even compared Ball to a couple of great point guards in his day in Jason Kidd and Penny Hardaway with the way they played the game.

“You know, having the opportunity to play overseas and get the chance to play against professional athletes, he came over here and proved be belonged in this league. He’s going to have his ups and downs, but he was always my favorite to be the rookie of the year. Mainly because he’s the pass-first type of point guard and the way he sees the floor, the way he has the knack of his Hornets teammates understanding where they need to be to receive the basketball, it’s very rare for a young player to have that type of concept. He reminds me of a Jason Kidd in terms of the passing and a Penny Hardaway with the height and ability to get to the basket and score.”

Bogues, the shortest player to ever step foot on an NBA court, even applauded Ball’s play on both sides of the floor. Entering the league, there were worries regarding Ball’s efficiency on offense, as well as his play on the other side of the ball.

However, the early returns of his debut campaign have debunked those pre-season concerns. He is shooting at a pretty efficient rate for a rookie and he hasn’t been a liability on the defensive end, as many of his pundits had predicted. The Hornets definitely have a special one.