Hornets news: NBA players struggle to come up with ideas for what they'd get Michael Jordan for his birthday
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NBA players struggle to come up with ideas for what they’d get Michael Jordan for his birthday

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Arguably the greatest player to ever play the game of basketball, Michael Jordan, is celebrating his 56th birthday today, and a lot of current NBA All-Stars don’t seem to know what to get him.

During yesterdays media day for the NBA All-Star Weekend – which is taking place in Charlotte, the home of Jordan’s Charlotte Hornets – many players and coaches were asked what they would get Jordan for his birthday.

When you’re already Michael Jordan, the choices for gifts probably narrow, and you can see that in a lot of the responses. “If I had to get a billionaire something for his birthday, what would I get him?” – Danny Green said jokingly.

Many of the answers given were a variation of the “he has everything” answer, which is true. Jordan is one of the greatest athletes ever to play, an owner of a sports team, and the face/name behind one of the most iconic shoe brands in history.

After being prodded again, some of the players opened up, with many of them offering up some practical ideas as gifts for the GOAT.

“Probably some cigars, I know he likes his cigars.” – Nikola Vucevic

“Probably some socks, tie, some underwear. Essentials. Some golf clubs or something.” – Danny Green

“I don’t know, probably like a Jordan keychain or something. Probably has a 100 million of those in his collection.” – D’Angelo Russell

Of course, the likely best answer might have been Nikola Jokic, who when asked, simply replied with “horse,” which might be something that MJ doesn’t have yet. Either way, the love for Jordan is undeniable, and players are clearly still fans of the man to this day.