It's safe to say plenty of fans are not happy that Miles Bridges might re-join the Charlotte Hornets by March.

Bridges made the declaration on Tuesday while watching his collegiate team, the Michigan State Spartans, play against Indiana at home. He noted that “it's been a long process” and that he “might be back in March.

The 24-year-old hasn't played in the NBA this season after he was hit with felony domestic violation charges during the offseason. He was arrested in June for allegedly hitting his then-girlfriend in front of their two children. Bridges pleaded no contest to a felony domestic violence charge. In exchange, he will face three years of probation with no jail time.

Considering the sensitive nature of the case, many expressed their disbelief that Miles Bridges still found a way to get back in the NBA. Others simply expressed disappointment about the move.

“F**k Miles Bridges,” one commenter wrote. Another one said, “I’ve pretty much decided that if/when Miles Bridges re-signs with Charlotte that I will continue to watch and pull for the team but it will be a while before I can in good conscience discuss anything about him.”

A third critic mockingly said, “Hopefully you meant you’ll be back in police custody in March.”

Here are some other reactions to the Bridges-Hornets development:

Sure enough, if the Hornets really end up bringing back Bridges in March, they can't expect everyone to be happy about it and celebrate–no matter if he's one of the team's best scorers from last season.