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Tony Parker promises Hornets will give opponents ‘hell’

Tony Parker, Hornets

After handing the keys to Dejounte Murray as the heir of the point guard position in San Antonio, veteran floor general Tony Parker took his talents to the Charlotte Hornets. The French international will play alongside a familiar face in national team teammate Nicolas Batum and for another familiar coach in former Spurs assistant James Borrego, who was named head coach weeks before he signed.

Parker signed knowing he would be playing under All-Star Kemba Walker, but welcomed this transition into the latter part of his career, abandoning what he’s known for 17 years since breaking into the league in 2001.

The former Spurs staple noted his excitement for this new venture, even promising in a letter on The Players’ Tribune to Spurs fans that he will give just as much effort to his new team, encouraging them to cheer for him, even if he plays for a different team now.

“I signed a two-year contract with Charlotte, and I’m very excited to play that out,” wrote Parker. “It will be this brand new experience for me, with a brand new organization. And if you are looking for a second team to root for, in the East, you know… maybe even give us a look 🙂 I promise we are going to give them hell.”

Parker has his seasons numbered in the league now that he is a 36-year-old who is a year removed from a quad injury, which is taking a toll on the signature blow-by speed he had during his prime.

Yet the two-year agreement is a sign that Parker plans to stick around a little longer than just this season and is likely the last to remain of a trio of Tim Duncan, Manu Ginobili and himself.