Hornets video: Dwight Howard misses bank shot so bad Tim Duncan might come out of retirement
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Video: Dwight Howard terribly butchers bank shot attempt versus Rockets

Dwight Howard

The bank shot is a lost art in the NBA. For one, it’s not for everyone to add to their own arsenal. Dwight Howard, for example.

While the Charlotte Hornets were being taken to the woodshed by the Houston Rockets Wednesday, Howard uncorked arguably the worst bank shot attempt since Dr. James Naismith decided to hang two peach baskets over a hundred years ago.

Here’s Dwight Howard trying to embarrass himself and sully the art that Tim Duncan so perfectly mastered.

Can someone please get Neil deGrasse Tyson to help us make some sense of this apparent abnormality in the laws of physics?

To be fair, the Hornets center had the right move in mind. He took the shot from an angle that favors a bank shot, but the execution just went so awry the ball barely even hit the glass. It was as though Howard was targeting the shot clock instead.

The only way it would’ve gotten any worse was if Howard’s shot caromed off the board and hit Kemba Walker’s shaky knees or Nicolas Batum’s problematic elbow.

That eyesore of a bad attempt was also a reminder for Dwight Howard to stick to what he does best, which is destroying people in the paint just like what he did in one of his other plays in this game.