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Video: Tony Parker’s Hornets teammates force him to check in one last time vs. Spurs

tony parker

In the closing seconds of his first game back in San Antonio, Tony Parker of the Charlotte Hornets was forced to check in by his teammates to receive one last standing ovation from the Spurs crowd.

At first, Tony Parker didn’t like the idea of checking back in. But after some prodding and pushing by his teammates, he finally conceded.

As the clock expired, he dribbled the ball to the frontcourt like he’s done many times before. In a class act, the crowd over in San Antonio cheered for their famed guard who brought them four championships.

Tony Parker’s departure from the Spurs was one of the many surprises in the offseason. Many believed that like Manu Ginobili and Tim Duncan, Parker would go on to play for Gregg Popovich until he hangs up his jersey for good.

But Parker saw an opportunity in Charlotte that wasn’t available in San Antonio, mainly due to the emergence of Dejounte Murray, who then suffered a season-ending injury even before the 2018-19 campaign started.

Tony Parker’s homecoming is a testament to the fact that the Spurs and its fans completely understand his decision. He may not retire as a member of the Spurs, but what he’s done to the franchise will live forever.