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Michael Jordan

How many NBA championships would Michael Jordan win if he played in the modern NBA?

Michael Jordan is the greatest of all-time. The GOAT. The best. You can argue the point as much as you want, but it doesn’t change the fact (yes, fact) that Jordan is the best basketball player who has ever lived.

Jordan entered the NBA with the Chicago Bulls in 1984 and won six championships during the ’90s, putting together a pair of separate three-peats and going 6-0 in finals appearances with six Finals MVPs.

Oh, and he never even went to a Game 7 in the finals.

So, yeah. The resume speaks for itself.

But some people have wondered: just how many titles would MJ have won had he played in the modern NBA? Would he have won the same six? Would he have won more? Less?

Well, for starters, it completely depends on the circumstances.

Given that Michael Jordan is the best ever, he could take any team and transform it into a contender, but he would be much more likely to have a shot of winning multiple championships on, say, the Boston Celtics, than he would on the Charlotte Hornets (which is ironically the team he owns).

Supporting cast certainly matters, so we would have to know what team Jordan would be a part of before we can seriously debate how many rings he would have collected.

But chances are, Jordan would have found a way to win something regardless of where he was.

Actually, let’s just say he played for a team that was as talented as his ’90s Bulls teams. If that were the case, Michael Jordan would have won six titles in today’s game. Easy.

People tend to forget that Jordan was averaging better than 30 points per game on 50 percent or better shooting in a league where defenses were much different than they are today.

The game was much more physical back in MJ’s time. Hand-checking was allowed. Flagrant fouls were not called nearly as much as they are in 2020. Defenders, in general, got away with more.

So take Jordan and transport him into today’s era, where the three-point shot has taken center stage and defenses basically cannot lay a hand on the opposing offensive player without being called for a foul. He would be averaging 40 points per game.

He surely would have tirelessly worked on his perimeter shot to expand his offensive arsenal even more and would have been burning defenses from everywhere on the floor.

If James Harden can average over 35 a night, Jordan could post 40 or better.

Jordan also would have been capable of guarding multiple positions, which would have made him a dominant two-way force capable of taking over the game on both ends.

Plus, his competitive fire would have given him the clear edge over the LeBrons, Hardens, Durants and Stephs of the world.

Those of you who didn’t see Jordan play and foolishly claim that he wouldn’t dominate in the modern era just don’t get it. He would have been a monster in any era, and he would have been even better today.

Give Jordan a legitimate squad, and he would have won at least six championships in the modern game.