How Matt Rhule can help turn around Cam Newton's career with the Panthers
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How Matt Rhule can help turn around Cam Newton’s career with the Panthers

Before the Carolina Panthers hired Matt Rhule as their next head coach, it seemed to be a predetermined notion that Cam Newton already played in his final game with the franchise. But with Rhule coming into the picture, Newton could actually remain in Carolina moving forward.

If Newton is part of the future for the Panthers, then the veteran quarterback could see a resurgence in his career next season. Over the past couple of seasons, injuries have prevented Newton from being the quarterback he was when he was taking home the NFL’s MVP Award in 2015.

In 2019, Newton dealt with a lingering foot injury that he sustained during the preseason. After trying to make a return in the regular season, Newton reaggravated the injury and ended up being placed on injured reserve.

Despite the uncertainty of his future, there’s a glimmer of hope he can revert back to being the franchise quarterback he once was. The reason for that glimmer of hope is Matt Rhule accepting the job as the team’s next head coach.

The difference between Rhule and Ron Rivera

Ron Rivera became the head coach of the Panthers in the same season that Newton was drafted back in 2011. After five years together, the two were able to lead Carolina to a Super Bowl appearance.

Of course, the Panthers would fall short after being stymied by the Denver Broncos defense. Even with a loss in the Super Bowl, Rivera still had a successful tenure in Carolina.

Without a doubt, Rivera was a mentor and close friend of Newton during their time together. However, with Rivera being a defensive-minded coach, Newton never got the luxury of having an offensive-minded coach.

Over the years, we’ve seen how quarterbacks benefit from having an offensive-centric head coach. Most recently, Jared Goff, Patrick Mahomes, and Jimmy Garoppolo have all been given head coaches that excel on the offensive side of the ball.

Now, with Matt Rhule in town, Newton can finally see what other quarterbacks have.

Even though Newton turns 31-years-old in May, pairing with Matt Rhule could extend his career a bit longer.

Matt Rhule understands how to get the most out of his personnel

There are plenty of head coaches that call plays on the offensive side of the ball. But only a few of them know how to utilize their personnel to the best of their ability.

As Matt Rhule proved in the college ranks, he conforms his system around his players; not the other way around.

At Baylor, Matt Rhule never had elite-level talent throughout his roster. But he still found a way to improve the program drastically.

Along with Matt Rhule, Joe Brady is also joining Carolina’s coaching staff. Of course, Brady helped orchestrate the offense at LSU that was arguably the greatest offense in college football history.

The duo of Matt Rhule and Joe Brady can give Cam Newton a foundation toward being a top quarterback in the NFL again. In the event that Newton remains in Carolina, there’s a chance we see him have one of the best seasons of his career in 2020.