The New England Patriots didn't name an official offensive coordinator, but early into the year, it's been Matt Patricia handling play-calling duties for Bill Belichick's squad. Belichick's decision to name Patricia the play-caller was certainly an interesting choice, and it seems not all the players have bought into what Patricia is drawing up on offense. Wide receiver Jakobi Meyers appears to be among those expressing doubts. Speaking with NFL insider Mike Giardi, via Dov Kleiman, Meyers cast some uncertainties over the Patriots' offense.

“I question what the plan is sometimes and how we're going to attack,” Meyers said.

The Patriots put up just seven points in their 20-7 loss in Week 1 to the Miami Dolphins. They're slated to face the Pittsburgh Steelers in Week 2, in what figures to be another low-scoring affair. Meyers led all Patriots receivers with four receptions and 55 yards in the season opener. Jones threw for one touchdown, the Patriots' lone score, alongside one interception.

It wasn't a very inspiring performance from the offense, and Meyers didn't hesitate when making his opinion heard. If Patricia wants to win over the trust of his players, he's quite simply going to need to devise better game plans offensively. Ensuring the players are all on the same page with what the offensive strategy is will be critical, and it seems that was lacking during the season-opener.

Hopefully, the Patriots' offense looks a bit more formidable in Week 2 after their soft showing in Week 1. Meyers is certainly hoping for a more creative approach to the game, but it'll be up to Patricia to deliver in that regard.