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Urban Meyer, Browns

If Urban Meyer leaps to the NFL, it should only be as an Offensive Coordinator

When Urban Meyer announced his retirement as Ohio State’s head coach last December, there was a collective sigh across college football. But in that same vein, there was a crowd that knew better. Meyer is too savvy as a football mind to be relegated to the sidelines. He loves to win more than anything.

To conclude 2019, Meyer’s name has floated with the USC Trojans head-coaching job, but that of course is now obsolete. But as of late, Meyer’s name has crept up speculation regarding coaching the in the NFL, particularly with the Dallas Cowboys.

Due to Urban Meyer’s winning pedigree, it isn’t difficult to see why he would be a hot topic for NFL coaching gigs. He’s an it-factor coach and would grant an NFL franchise immediate star-power. However, with his standing in the hearts and minds of football fans, it would be best for Meyer to steer clear of head coaching jobs.

Meyer has enjoyed one of the productive careers in college football history. In terms of wins and how he builds programs, there hasn’t been many like him. However, he left his Florida and Ohio State jobs in disarray. Scandal and how he handled locker rooms have plagued his reputation as a skilled culture setter, and both tenures left a negative impact on his health. For proof of his perception, ESPN believes Meyer is only the 46th greatest college football coach of all time.

A jump to the NFL head coaching ranks will only add to the microscope. If Meyer takes on an NFL head coaching gig, then the onus of the blame if the team is unsuccessful will fall on him. For someone who perhaps has a forever-tainted rep, it’s too big of a risk to take.

If Meyer is getting the itch to coach again, then an offensive coordinator job would suffice. An OC job will still bring major pressure and demands, but it will allow Meyer to only focus on the development of the offense.

There’s much less babysitting in the NFL compared to college. However, with his reputation as a win-at-all-costs coach, who knows how Meyer would handle bad behavior from grown men. And frankly, it isn’t something he should want to find out.

Being an offensive coordinator would also be less taxing due to his health concerns. Meyer retired from Florida due to heart problems, and Ohio State due to brain cysts he battled for years. If the offense isn’t performing to the effort Meyer wants, he can fix that in the film room.

As an OC, he wouldn’t have to worry about whether his players are doing the right things outside of the complex. His skill set as a coach centers around offensive tactics, strategy, development, and motivating teams in big games. He should stick to a job that will help him physically, but more importantly, a job that will keep his name out of the press.

Ultimately, Urban Meyer will choose the coaching job that fits his star power. A Cowboys marriage appears great on paper. However, if he just wants to coach, develop players and an offensive system in the NFL, then he should think twice about accepting any head coaching job. His reputation, and health, can’t afford to take another hit.