Friday's matchup between the Chicago Bulls and the Washington Wizards went down to the wire. Unfortunately for the Bulls, DeMar DeRozan missed what would have been a last-second game winners, as the Wizards escaped with a 102-100 victory.

The win did not come without controversy, though, after the NBA revealed in the post-game last two-minute report that DeRozan was actually fouled during his last-second heave. If you look at the replay, you could clearly see the Wizards defender get under DeRozan on his three-point attempt:

DeRozan should have gone to the line for three free throws, and odds are, this would have led to the Bulls winning the game.

On Saturday, DeRozan was asked to share his thoughts on the botched call. For his part, however, the Chicago star isn't putting too much stock into it (via Bulls reporter K.C. Johnson of NBC Sports Chicago):

“I'd rather them just keep it to themselves honestly because what can we do?” DeRozan said. “I'm not Marty McFly or anything where I can go back to the future and replay it.”

He's right, you know? There's literally nothing anyone can do to change the outcome of the game. Regardless of the fact that the game officials made a huge mistake in such a crucial juncture in the game, it's not as if the league can overturn Washington's victory and hand over the W to the Bulls.

DeRozan would much rather move on, which is what he tried to do on Saturday against the Cleveland Cavaliers. Unfortunately, Chicago lost again after a rather embarrassing 128-96 blowout on their own home floor.