Floyd “Money” Mayweather is arguably the best boxer in the world. On top of an undefeated professional boxing record, Mayweather also has several world boxing championships to his name. With a decorated athlete like Mayweather, have you ever wondered how a boxing legend lives? Well, wonder no more. This article features Floyd Mayweather’s $26 million mansion in Beverly Hills, Los Angeles.

In 2017, after completing his final professional fight by beating Connor McGregor, Mayweather rewarded himself with a luxurious $26 million mansion in the affluent Beverly Hills. Pocketing around $300 million from the blockbuster fight, there’s no question that Mayweather deserves to start his retirement with a bang after ending his career with an untouchable 50-0 record.

Here are some photos of Floyd Mayweather’s $26 million mansion in Beverly Hills, Los Angeles.

Photos courtesy of: The Sun

Mayweather’s $26 million mansion spans as large as 15,096 square feet. Originally, it was sold for as much as $38 million after renovations. Constructed in 1992, the house includes six bedrooms and 10 bathrooms. The world champion enjoys a lot of the mansion’s amenities including a movie theater, an impressive wine cellar that can store 225 bottles, a large kitchen, a well-designed dining area, a large snack station containing a candy shop, a four-car garage, and a spacious backyard that has all the capacity to host a decent swimming pool party.

On top of the mansion’s amenities, the location is also ideal for the boxing champion. With the mansion located in Beverly Hills, Mayweather has easy access to the famous Rodeo Drive, where the A-listers live and spend their time shopping.

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Although Mayweather has retired from professional boxing, he still does come out of retirement to participate in exhibitions, most notably against YouTube sensation Logan Paul. As per reports, in that exhibition match alone, Mayweather netted a whopping $100 million.

With his boxing paychecks, business ventures, and endorsement deals, it isn’t a surprise that Mayweather can afford to live a lavish lifestyle. Just for his fights alone, Mayweather has pocketed over a billion dollars. According to Celebrity Net Worth, the boxing champion has a net worth of $450 million. Aside from his $26 million mansion, Mayweather also has a $18 million mansion in Miami and a $10 million property in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Nevertheless, this is all the information we have on Floyd Mayweather’s $26 million mansion in Beverly Hills, Los Angeles.