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‘It’s bulls**t'” Isiah Thomas’ side on Michael Jordan freeze-out game

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It’s well-established that Isiah Thomas and Michael Jordan don’t like each other. Their beef goes way back to when they were NBA stars in the 1980s and 1990s, with the Detroit Pistons-Chicago Bulls rivalry taking center stage, and we got a fresh look at it when The Last Dance came out in 2020.

One infamous incident involving the two is the alleged Jordan freeze-out game, which is what supposedly started this long-running feud. Jordan thought Thomas and even Magic Johnson masterminded freezing out the young Bulls star in the 1985 All-Star Game, his first in his career. MJ had just seven points on 2-of-9 shooting and held a grudge because of what he thought happened, even scoring 49 points in the next game played against Detroit.

Thomas has consistently denied this was ever a thing, and he did it again on the Hoop du Jour podcast with longtime NBA journalist Peter Vescey.

“It’s truth that he lit us up for 49, [but] him thinking that he was froze out? It’s bullshit,” Isiah Thomas said.

The Hall of Famer then explained some of the context surrounding the game to explain why this story is bunk. And according to Sam Smith, the whole rumor started when one of Thomas or Johnson’s business agents made claims about it to reporters after the game. There’s a good chance it truly never was a real thing, but MJ kept that grudge with him.

While Jordan ultimately got along with Magic, the Bulls-Pistons rivalry kept the hatred going with Thomas. There were also rumors that Jordan demanded Thomas not be a pat of the Dream Team in 1992.

No matter what Isiah Thomas says, Michael Jordan is probably never going to let him live this down. Maybe one day they will make up, but it seems doubtful.