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‘It’s coaching malpractice’: Panthers coaching staff thrown under the bus after tipping plays in loss to Giants

Carolina Panthers, Christian McCaffrey, Dan Orlovsky,

During a recent segment on ESPN’s NFL Live, ESPN analyst Dan Orlovsky was brutally honest about how he felt about the Carolina Panthers coaching staff.

While breaking down the Panther’s offense, Orlovsky pointed out several issues with what they were doing. The conversation was centered around their performance last Sunday in their loss against the New York Giants.

In the video tweeted out by Dan Orvolsky of the segment, he was critical of the Panthers coaching staff.

Orlovsky stated, “This is my favorite tape of the year so far. Straight up, this is unacceptable, it’s candidly coaching malpractice. And any Panthers fan from home, you literally need to go send this to the Panthers organization.”

Dan Orlovsky goes on to break down exactly what the issue is.

On each play where Christian McCaffrey was used in a run-pass option look, he lined up one yard behind quarterback Baker Mayfield in a shotgun formation. On plays that were legitimate passing plays, McCaffrey lined up directly next to Mayfield in the shotgun.

After explaining the issues, Orlovsky stated, “I’m not sitting here telling everyone that Baker Mayfield is playing great, or that their offensive line is a dominant unit. But every single snap in these games when Christian McCaffrey is one yard behind Baker Mayfield in the shotgun, it is a run or an RPO. When Christian McCaffrey is next to Baker Mayfield at his depth, that is a pass. That is unacceptable in the NFL for the Carolina Panthers coaching staff.

The Panthers currently sit at 0-2, while playing in two close games to start the season. If they don’t fix what is being discussed by Orlovsky, they could be in for a long season. If Orlovsky notices, It is a guarantee that defenses around the NFL are taking notice as well.