Jackson State football’s Deion Sanders has been the subject of many head coaching rumors lately, especially after the Auburn Tigers fired head coach Bryan Harsin. Sanders, who has led the Jackson State Tigers to a perfect 8-0 record, has said that he has no plans to go anywhere. But that hasn’t stopped the speculation, which is beginning to border on ridiculousness.

In fact, false rumors are even beginning to swirl, one of which was caught by Deion Sanders himself on Twitter. The Jackson State football coach called out the ‘lie’ in a tweet posted on his own account.

Sanders said, “A lie don’t care who tells it. Just ask me and everyone knows I’m honest to a fault.” This was the Jackson State football coach’s response to a tweet that said he was taking a flight to Atlanta airport, “the nearest major airport to Auburn University.”

Seeing as Deion Sanders himself has said he’s not going anywhere, and no major reports have emerged stating even a conversation with the Tigers, it’s safe to say that what this Twitter user sent out doesn’t have even an ounce of truth to it.

Funnily enough, that’s something the Twitter user confirmed, calling himself the ‘Picasso’ of spreading misinformation. No wonder Prime called him out!

Although in doing so, Sanders is sparking the hilarious celebrity of this Twitter user. Ultimately, the bottom line is that Deion Sanders isn’t going anywhere. At least not yet.

But the Jackson State football coach certainly has a very impressive resume should he want to go somewhere one day.