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Jaguars’ Leonard Fournette comes out against proposed 17-game schedule

Leonard Fournette, Jaguars

Leonard Fournette of the Jacksonville Jaguars isn’t afraid to speak his mind and he expressed his opinion on a 17-game season in the NFL. On Thursday morning, Fournette came out against the proposed 17-game schedule with a post on his Twitter account.

Fournette kept it short and sweet to show how he felt about the 17-game schedule. To the dismay of the NFL, the Jaguars rusher isn’t the only one that is against the idea of extending the regular season.

Not too long ago, it was reported that players in the NFL are resisting an expanded regular season. The 17-game proposal by the NFL is one of the only things holding up a new Collective Bargaining Agreement.

Despite the resistance from the players, the NFL is making attempts to sweeten the deal for the NFLPA. Some of the details for the new CBA include increased benefits and a limit on how much hitting can be done during training camp.

With the current CBA slated to expire after 2020, the NFL would like to have a new deal in place before next season. However, until they present a proposed plan that pleases the NFLPA, it’s unlikely an agreement is made.

The biggest issue for players taking part in a 17-game season is the heightened chances of suffering an injury. Fournette, a running back in the NFL, understands more than most the trials and tribulations an NFL player has to withstand in a single season.

In his first three seasons in the NFL, Fournette has missed 12 games with the Jaguars. Therefore, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that Fournette is among the players that are against playing an extra game in the regular season.