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The Jaguars are working on building their aura and confidence

Jalen Ramsey, Jaguars

The mighty have fallen, and the Jacksonville Jaguars need to recover from their three-game losing streak against the Philadelphia Eagles this Sunday.

Since before the season began, Jaguars cornerback Jalen Ramsey boasted that his team had the best defense in the NFL. He degraded the quarterbacks and receivers of opposing teams, and put a target on his squad’s back. The Jaguars got off to a strong start, but have given up 90 points in the past three weeks. Jacksonville is giving up 20.9 points a game, which ranks them ninth in the NFL. Jaguars safety Tashaun Gipson says the team needs to make a few adjustments to get back on top.

“We used to take the field and there was just an aura and confidence,” Gipson told ESPN. “Not cockiness. An aura and a confidence and people mistake it for cockiness because of the type of guys that we have over here. Some guys are very vocal. But we’re not playing with that. And I think that’s what it comes down to.”

The Jaguars have continued to stand behind the belief that Blake Bortles is the right man to have under center, however, their confidence in him is beginning to waver. Towards the end of their last loss, Bortles was benched for backup quarterback Cody Kessler. At first it seemed like they’d finally given up on their starter, but they announced that he’ll maintain his job against the Eagles.

Bortles will be on a short leash, as the Jaguars are now 3-4, and sit in third in the AFC South. If there was anytime for their defense to get its flair back, it’s now.