Tommy Fury has absolutely unloaded on Jake Paul for his last boxing match against Tyron Woodley. The younger brother of Tyson Fury was not impressed by the fight and didn't see the knockout as a saving grace as many others did.

It now seems like Tommy Fury and Jake Paul have to fight next after everything that has been going on. The boxing match was even labeled the worst fight he had ever seen.

“Honestly, it was appalling to watch,” Fury said on The MMA Hour about the Jake Paul fight. “And even the commentators, I don’t know what round it was, said, ‘This is getting hard to watch now.’ And they were joking between themselves during the fight saying, ‘Oh, I wonder who won that round? Well, nobody. Nobody threw a punch. Nobody.’ It looked like they were trying to shadowbox in front of each other. No one wanted to commit. No one wanted to do anything. That fight was just really about one punch. But as far as the six rounds go, that was the worst six rounds.

“There’s no head movement. There’s no thought there. [Jake Paul’s] a raw novice.”

The big criticism from the fight was that the two were clinching often and not throwing many punches. It has been agreed by many people that the knockout saved Jake Paul's boxing career.

It is clear that Tommy Fury wants the fight and will do anything to make it happen. It's currently unclear what Jake Paul is going to do next in his boxing career.