Jamie Foxx is set to play notable Shaw University alumnus Willie E. Gary in the new movie “The Burial”, per a report by People. The film is about Gary's relationship with Mississippi funeral home owner Jeremiah O’Keefe (portrayed by Tommy Lee Jones).  O'Keefe is forced to sell his business to a corporation that is acquiring funeral homes, insurance companies, and cemeteries due to mounting debts. The company, under the leadership of CEO Ray Loewen (portrayed by Bill Camp), is buying the properties to “profit from death”.

O'Keefe enlists the services of Gary to clear up a contract dispute that he has with Loewen. Gary is a charismatic lawyer who hasn't lost a case in 12 years but he doesn't know anything about contract law. This puts him at a distinct disadvantage against Loewen and his aggressive corporation. However, the duo's bond helps them power through the uphill battle, with some touching and hilarious moments along the way.

Tommy Lee Jones spoke highly of working with Foxx in a statement obtained by People prior to the SAG-AFTRA strike.

“I had a lot of fun working with Jamie. He's fun to be around, and every workday was highly energized. We did a lot of laughing and some pretty good work got done, too.”

“When the artistic stars line up and certain people step into a role, it usually turns out really, really good. He’s so special for the part,” Foxx said of Jones.

“The Burial” will premiere worldwide on September 11 at the Toronto International Film Festival. It will then premiere in select theatres on October 6 and nationwide on Prime Video on October 13.