Former NBA All-Star Jayson Williams had a lot to say in a recent podcast, discussing topics such as Manute Bol and Michael Jordan.

During the interview, he said that in the 1990s, players in the league were afraid of Michael Jordan due to him basically carrying the league into prominence.

He believed that players were intimidated by Jordan because he was the main reason that big contracts were beginning to come to the league. He also stated that Jordan had a private plane that was filled with M.J.’s entourage and what he called “bar loitering street goons.”
This private jet would follow the team plane when the Bulls went to away games.

There is no doubt that Michael Jordan had an immense influence on the league, and still does to this day. He was an unbelieveable athlete who had the competitive spirit and the skill to match. The drive that Jordan had allowed him to lead the Chicago Bulls to six NBA titles in the form of two 3-peats.

The way M.J. went about everything that he did basketball-related is absolutely unrivaled, with only great players such as Kobe Bryant and LeBron James being mentioned in comparisons.

It seems that even to this day, in the eyes of some basketball fans, that nobody will ever be able to touch Jordan's talent and the impact that he had, not only by putting the NBA on a worldwide platform, but by being the sole face of basketball.

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