The Utah Jazz had a very tumultuous season this past year. At times, the Jazz looked like they could beat just about anyone in the NBA. At other times, they were a hot mess. The stars in Utah, Rudy Gobert and Donovan Mitchell, have been rumored to have fallen out of favor with one another for quite some time.

Just prior to the groundbreaking news of Kevin Durant requesting a trade Thursday, something else happened. The Jazz traded away Royce O'Neal to the Nets for a future first-round pick.

Friday morning, ESPN NBA reporter Brian Windhorst was left with a very interesting thought on First Take.

“Something happened yesterday… the tweet right before Adrian (Wojnarowski) tweeted about Durant, he tweeted something else. There was a trade yesterday, a very strange trade. A very strange trade… Why would the Jazz do that? Why would the Jazz, who have two stars on their roster, take a player who's one of their starters and best defensive starter, and trade him in a salary dump. Why would they do that? Why would Quin Snyder walk away from that job? What's going on in Utah?”

When Jazz coach Quin Snyder walked it from the job, it certainly turned some heads. The supposed friction between Mitchell and Gobert goes back a few years. It left many already wondering if the Jazz would trade one of their two stars. But Windhorst, without saying it, appeared to imply that the Jazz might be about to blow the entire thing up.

Utah had another great regular season, earning the number four seed in the Western Conference. Yet, they were eliminated by the Dallas Mavericks who were without Luka Doncic for most of the series. It might be time to start all over.