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Fan wears ‘Coward’ jersey on Gordon Hayward’s return to Utah


The Boston Celtics faced off against the Utah Jazz on Friday. It was the first game back in Utah for Gordon Hayward since leaving to sign with the Celtics.

It was expected to be an emotional return for all parties involved Friday night. It also seems like one fan still has not got over Hayward leaving, even though it has been a year or so since he left.

It is pretty crazy to see fans get all worked up when a former star leaves their team, even if it is the right basketball decision. Certainly for Hayward, this was the case.

To this day, even after eight years, LeBron James first return to Cleveland after he signed with the Miami Heat was the craziest return by a former player in the history of the NBA.

Now, Hayward’s return was not as crazy as James. It was still a pretty hostile environment in Utah.

But the Jazz and their fans got the last laugh, at least for now. The Jazz defeated the Celtics 123-115. Hayward, in his return to Utah, had 13 points, seven assists, one rebound and steal.

It was a pretty close game during the first half. Eventually, the Jazz would pull away big during the second half.

The Celtics would make a comeback and cut it to as many as four in the closing minutes of the game, but they could not get that huge, situational shot to put them in position to win the game.

In the end, the Jazz and its fans get to spoil Hayward’s first return to Utah.