Jordan Bell is quite furious about multiple reports tagging Utah Jazz center Rudy Gobert as the scapegoat in the NBA's coronavirus saga.

The 7-foot-1 Frenchman has been dubbed as the league's “patient zero” as he was the first player to be diagnosed positive of COVID-19. His diagnosis led to the Utah Jazz-Oklahoma City Thunder game to be suspended last Wednesday, and ultimately to the entire 2019-20 season in danger of being canceled.

The blame game intensified on Friday, following multiple reports that a child tested positive for the virus after getting an autograph from Gobert. Bell was not having any of it and even blasted the media.

The 25-year-old slotman suggested that the kid may have been the one who passed off the virus to Gobert.

As it stands, Rudy Gobert is not the only Utah player afflicted by the contagious virus. Jazz superstar Donovan Mitchell's test results also came back positive. People were quick to point fingers at Gobert, especially after his teammates revealed he purposely touched and messed around their things before his diagnosis.

Jordan Bell, meanwhile, is not the first player to come to the defense of the Stifle Tower. His former Golden State Warriors teammate Draymond Green also issued his support to both Gobert and Mitchell during the hard times.

Even the usually critical TNT analyst Charles Barkley even downplayed Gobert's careless antics, claiming he was simply goofing off as most players do in the locker room.

Bell, meanwhile, was picked up by G-league squad Capital City Go-Go on March 11 after being waived by the Memphis Grizzlies earlier this month. The G-League also suspended its season following the NBA's declaration.