Jazz news: Ricky Rubio expects to have plenty of suitors despite loaded free agency market
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Jazz guard Ricky Rubio expects to have plenty of suitors despite loaded free agency market

Ricky Rubio, Jazz

Utah Jazz’s unrestricted free agent point guard Ricky Rubio expects plenty of suitors despite a loaded free agent market.

This was what Rubio told EuroHoops.net’s Stefan Djordevic on June 12.

It will be very fun because I’m able to choose between many teams. But it depends on many factors because there will be many free players that will determine how the market will go. Any movement will affect the market and there will be a domino effect.

It depends on some movements in the market but that doesn’t mean that I have to settle for what is left. There are options that will remain and I can choose.

There are teams that have a starting point guard with a contract, which I can forget, but there are others who are looking for a point guard.

The priorities are to go to a team that has importance and minutes, which is set for the playoffs. This already rules out some teams.

According to Spain’s Catalunya Radio (via The Salt Lake Tribune’s Eric Walden),  “[Utah has] let me know that I’m not priority number one. Then, we have to look for other options.”

The Jazz front office “declined comment on the report,” per Walden. Rubio also confessed to Walden after the Jazz’s season came to end (a 4-1 first-round playoff series loss to the Houston Rockets) the trade rumors involving him and the Memphis Grizzlies’ Mike Conley, Jr. “affected me.”

Rubio also told Catalunya Radio Toronto Raptors center Marc Gasol’s recent playoff success has “made me envious.” Rubio and Gasol are both from Spain.

Rubio told EuroHoops last month (via Celtics Wire’s Quenton S. Albertie) some of the teams he’s interested in playing for are the Houston Rockets, Golden State Warriors, Boston Celtics, and Charlotte Hornets.

Rubio concluded his second season in Utah averaging 12.7 points, 6.1 assists, 3.6 rebounds, and 1.3 steals. It should be interesting to find out what team he’ll play for next.