Rudy Gobert has been everything the Utah Jazz have hoped for and more. The French center has been the anchor of their defense for a long time, leading to multiple playoff appearances. His defense (along with improvements on the offensive side) has rightfully earned him a spot at the All-Star Game.

However, that wasn't always the case for the Jazz star. Back in 2019, Rudy Gobert was seen crying after being snubbed from the All-Star Game. He was roasted by Golden State Warriors forward Draymond Green back then, and now the All-Star forward is bringing it up again. In an episode of Inside the NBA, Green once again commented about Gobert's emotional reaction, saying: (via David Portillo)

“It has to be Rudy, I mean the man cried on national television when he didn't make the All-Star team. Thank God he's made the next three. You can't cry, Chuck. I said it then, I'm gonna say it now.”

Draymond Green got a lot of flak on Twitter for his comments on Rudy Gobert back then, and he'll likely get some more after he tripled down on his previous comments. The Jazz star has since made three straight All-Star Games, and added another one this season. It's weird, though, that Green is bringing up an incident that happened three years ago.

Gobert and Green are part of the Western Conference reserves that were announced earlier in the day. However, it's likely that Green won't be playing due to an injury. It will be interesting to see how the Jazz star responds to Green's comments.