ESPN commentator Jeff Van Gundy doesn’t like flopping and he isn’t afraid to call out those who do it often.

During Game 5 of the NBA Finals where the Golden State Warriors faced off against the Cleveland Cavaliers, Van Gundy went on a live rant regarding an offensive foul taken to Anderson Varejao, who he believed flopped to sell a call.

Van Gundy feels any player that flops consistently should never get calls:

I don’t understand how you have a known flopper, and he gets the benefit of the doubt.

The NBA usually doesn’t pay any attention to his rants, although many people feel the same way. Here's the play:

Then, Van Gundy addressed his rant on the Lowe Post podcast with a hilarious shot at Varejao:

“If LeBron ever backs down Curry on the block, Varejao might fall over on the bench.”

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