Jerry Colangelo backs his son, Bryan, says his management is better than Sam Hinkie's
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Jerry Colangelo backs his son, Bryan, says his management is better than Sam Hinkie’s

Jerry Colangelo

The Philadelphia 76ers has been a very dysfunctional NBA franchise for many years, making it painful at times to watch or even acknowledge them as a legitimate team in the league.

Many blamed former GM Sam Hinkie and his “process”, but it can’t be denied that all of the team’s success (success being used very lightly here) this season were made thanks to the players Hinkie drafted. It was him who rolled the dice on Dario Saric and drafted an injured Joel Embiid when others were wary of his health.

However, current team consultant Jerry Colangelo does not believe in the process that Hinkie painstakingly constructed. In an interview with the Carlin and Reese Show, the older Colangelo compared Sam Hinkie’s management to the team’s current leadership under his son Bryan.

“I respect the fact that he thought so much out of the box,” Colangelo said. “which he really did, in terms of being the analytical guy that he is. And of course, people can look back on decisions that were made — good or bad — and most everyone’s track record is full of both and can come to their own conclusions. Since the change in management there’s much more of a defined game plan, in terms of going forward, and that’s very positive in my opinion for the franchise. Sam left some good stuff in place, no question about that. Along the line there was a lot of pain in terms of incredible losing and that could only be sustained for a period of time. And I think in Philly’s case, I think he probably ran out of time.”

While it’s hard to totally dismiss the statement, it is still too early to judge Bryan Colangelo’s term. Hinkie did have awful results to begin with, but he did mention that short-term losses will hurt but it was all part of a bigger plan.

If Embiid was healthy after one year, and Saric decided to come to the NBA earlier, the situation could have been different — but it’s done and dusted now. Bryan Colangelo’s work hasn’t jumped out given the short period so a true assessment of his management will be made a few years down the line. Until then, the Sixers can still be considered as the team built by Sam Hinkie.