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Jerry Colangelo reportedly threatened franchise if Bryan was fired

Bryan Colangelo

Things have somehow become weirder in the entire Sixers-Bryan Colangelo burner account debacle. Minutes after it was reported that the Sixers and Colangelo mutually agreed to spit, it was then reported that Jerry Colangelo, Bryan’s father, threatened the franchise if they fired his kid, which is why it took so long for this splitting to happen.

Kyle Neubeck broke the news on the mean streets of Twitter:

For context, here is the statement the Sixers released:

We cannot conclude that Mr. Colangelo was aware of the Twitter accounts prior to the May 22 press inquiry. Mr. Colangelo denies any such awareness and we have not observed any forensic evidence establishing that he had knowledge of the Twitter accounts prior to that date. We note, however, that our investigation was limited and impeded by certain actions taken by Ms. Bottini, including her decision to delete the contents of her iPhone by executing a factory reset of the device prior to surrendering it for forensic review.

Our investigation revealed substantial evidence that Mr. Colangelo was the source of sensitive, non-public, club- related information contained in certain posts to the Twitter accounts. We believe that Mr. Colangelo was careless and in some instances reckless in failing to properly safeguard sensitive, non-public, club-related information in communications with individuals outside the 76ers organization.

And now from Neubeck’s huge report:

The delay was, in part, due to internal and external politics that ownership had to weigh. More than one person who spoke to PhillyVoice on the condition of anonymity suggested Jerry Colangelo tried to intervene on Bryan’s behalf, threatening to interfere with club relationships around the league.

You might remember the NBA pretty much inserting the Colangelos in this role for the Sixers, as the league thought The Process was an embarrassment, and this basketball royalty family would help save the day.

Nepotism, my friends, is sometimes bad.