This season, the New York Jets got what most historically-embattled franchises only dream about- a mulligan. Yes, they were still inundated with criticism for their handling of Zach Wilson and their offensive ineptitude, but Aaron Rodgers tearing his Achilles prevents an official verdict from being made quite yet.

Hence, owner Woody Johnson is bringing back general manager Joe Douglas and head coach Robert Saleh for the 2024 campaign. But their jobs will surely be on the line when the Rodgers experiment has its second go-around, which hopefully fares better than the first one.

In order to ensure that the Jets have the best opportunity to succeed, more talent will probably need to be added around the future Hall of Fame quarterback. One star player who always seems to be floated as a potential acquisition is Rodgers' good friend and favorite target, Davante Adams.

Where things currently stand on possible Jets' Davante Adams pursuit

While appearing in his regular Tuesday slot on The Pat McAfee Show, the Super Bowl 45 champion was asked about the number of conversations he is having with management regarding a potential trade for the 31-year-old wide receiver.

“None right now, absolutely none,” Rodgers said. “Obviously, creating a championship team is the goal for Joe and obviously that's what Woody wants. Me coming back is obviously a big part of that, but you need the players around you. Davante Adams is a fantastic player. He also plays for the Raiders.”

While talks might not currently be taking place, the belief around the NFL is that New York will target Adams in the offseason, according to ESPN's Adam Schefter. The Las Vegas Raiders did miss the playoffs with an 8-9 record, but they appeared to turn a corner under interim head coach Antonio Pierce.

Adams appears happy where he is right now, so it remains to be seen if a deal is even feasible. The Jets have to give it their best shot, though, as an Aaron Rodgers-Davante Adams reunion is too tempting to just brush to the side. The organization should be in desperation mode heading into next season and must therefore consider adding all the premium playmakers it can handle.