Kansas City Chiefs receiver and former New York Jets star Mecole Hardman was on the show “The Pivot Podcast” where he talked about his prior team and how they “put a lot of pressure” on quarterback Zach Wilson. He would say that in his first stint with the Chiefs, they played to the strengths of their backup quarterbacks when Patrick Mahomes was out.

The receiver would say it was different with New York once star Aaron Rodgers got hurt in the very first game of the season. With Wilson in, he believes the Jets didn't help the BYU product at all.

“You put a lot of pressure on Zach Wilson to try to be put into that role rather than making the offense where he’s at his best, they didn’t do that,” Hardman said. “I’ve been in situations where Pat (Mahomes) got hurt, and we had Chad Henne in there, or Moore, and Coach Reid just made the offense work to solidify them, and we won games. We went 4-1 when Pat was out, and with Chad we won a playoff game.”

“The way we changed the offense was, when Chad went in we didn’t call the same plays,” Hardman continued. “We know what to get him out, simple passes, here you go slant, hitch, run the ball. It was simple so you don’t got to think. I think Zach was doing so much thinking it’s like damn I can hot route this but it’s like is this the defense I hot route this against.”

Hardman only played five games with the Jets and caught just one pass before he was traded back to Kansas City where he won his third championship and even caught the game-winning touchdown to seal the deal. As for the Jets, they finished 7-10.