Kansas City Chiefs receiver Mecole Hardman was on the show “The Pivot Podcast” where he talked about his time with the New York Jets organization during this past season before the mid-season trade. He specifically mentioned a story about the miscommunication he had with New York's special teams coordinator in Brant Boyer and the topic of being the starting returner on kickoffs and punts.

The three-time Super Bowl champion was candid on the podcast talking about how he had a problem with Boyer not “communicating” with him about returning, which a good amount of it went to Xavier Gipson. His issue seemed to be more about the coaching than it did with not being the starter.

“He (Brant Boyer) was not letting me know, he wasn’t communicating with me about the returning thing. You got to let me know if you’re thinking about starting someone else over me. So there was no communication, they basically just gave him (Xavier Gipson) the job, so that’s fine do what you need,” Hardman said. “Fast forward to the Chiefs game Xavier gets hurt on like a Wednesday or something so as a coach if your starting returner gets hurt, you’ve got to, hey I might need you this game, so just in-case he can’t go I need you to start for me. It’s like if your QB hurt you gotta tell the backup hey I need you to take extra reps this week, you might have to play this game. That’s what a coach does, if you’re a coach that’s what you do.”

Hardman continues on lack 0f communication with Jets coach

Kansas City Chiefs wide receiver Mecole Hardman Jr. (12) scores a touchdown against the San Francisco 49ers in overtime during Super Bowl LVIII at Allegiant Stadium.
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Hardman would go on with his rant about Boyer and the Jets organization and how it resulted in the receiver refusing to return punts for the team. Subsequently, New York would eventually trade Hardman back to his former team in the Chiefs where he caught the game-winning touchdown in the Super Bowl a few weeks ago to get his third championship.

“You a coach, you’re supposed to let people know that. If I'm not the starting returner my mindset ain’t on returning in the game its not, unless I actually have to do it. He got hurt on Wednesday,” Hardman said. “I didn't get talked to on Thursday, Friday, or Saturday. I had not one word with this man. Sunday, we out there catching punts I got pads on we finna play. I’m out there catching punts, the team finna come out, the special teams coordinator comes to me, hey I'm going to need you to be the starting returner in the game, I said no, I’m not returning punts for you bro. He said you don’t want to do it, no why would I want to return punts for you. First of all not too long ago you were telling the head coach that you don’t trust me back there.”

The Jets look to bounce back after a disappointing season where they finished 7-10. Consequently, with star quarterback Aaron Rodgers coming back, the team should have high expectations.