The New York Jets are looking to make a playoff push with 39-year-old Aaron Rodgers. The Jets would benefit greatly if they added free agent running back Dalvin Cook.

Cook visited the Jets last weekend. Rodgers spoke Wednesday on what it would be like to team up with Cook, who was named to the Pro Bowl in each of his last four seasons with the Minnesota Vikings. He faced Rogers, who played for the Green Bay Packers, in NFC North competition.

“He was able to always impact the game,” Rodgers said. “Tough guy, but also elusive, good one-cut guy, speed, power, good out of the backfield. I love the guys that we got, I think there's a lot of talent there, a lot of opportunity. But anytime you can add a veteran player, you'd be excited about that, for sure.”

Here was how Cook responded to Rodgers on ‘X', formerly known as Twitter:

Cook was released by the Vikings after he rushed for 1,100-plus yards (1,173) for the fourth straight season. It is unclear how interested he is in the Jets given how he has reportedly gone about his free agency.

Regardless, he would be a big addition for Rodgers and the Jets. New York is expected to be led by Breece Hall at running back once he returns from his ACL recovery. Michael Carter and Zonovan Knight are seen as top depth options.

Rodgers seems confident in those players, but Cook is an experienced back who could aid the Jets right away in their pursuit of a playoff berth and maybe more.