Jets news: Frank Gore recounts when police 'put a gun to my head'
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Frank Gore recounts instance when police ‘put a gun to my head’

Frank Gore

Frank Gore, who joined the New York Jets this offseason, hopes that the Black Lives Matter movement continues to be a driving force moving forward. During a conversation with the New York Post’s Steve Serby, Gore recounted an instance when the police made him uncomfortable.

“We just need to keep going with it,” Gore said of the Black Lives Matter movement. “Me growing up in a tough neighborhood, I’ve been through some stuff that … and I was a good kid, man. When I was a young kid, I used to have dreads and I used to have golds (teeth). I remember one time police jumped out on me, put a gun to my head and everything, just because where I was at, and how I looked.

The Jets’ veteran running back uttered that his first instinct was to run when the police drew their guns on him.

“I just stayed there and had my hands up,” Gore said. “I was scared, man. In my neighborhood, no good areas where we come up from. I did what they told me to. They thought I was gonna run. When I went back to school and I told my coaches, my coaches made me cut my hair. I was scared. My first instinct was about to run.”

While he attended the University of Miami (FL) in college, Frank Gore grew up in Coconut Grove, Florida. It was a neighborhood that was stricken with crime and poverty. Nevertheless, Gore made sure he did everything he could to get himself out of a bad situation.

Since entering the NFL, Frank Gore has been known as one of the most genuine players in the league. Therefore, for him to get racially profiled by police, it shows there’s a glaring issue that still needs to be addressed right now.