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Jets’ Jamal Adams says firing Todd Bowles won’t solve all of team’s problems

There really isn’t any doubt that Todd Bowles will be fired after this season but rising star Jamal Adams doesn’t think it will solve all of the team’s issues. Adams was during his weekly radio interview with WFAN and once again said that it’s a bigger problem than just the head coach, via nj.com.

“There are other problems in that building. I feel for him. I really do. It’s not his problems that are going on right now. Hopefully, it’s going to change next year. We’ve got to change it. It needs to be changed, because to me, we’re running out of time.”

Adams also admitted even though he doesn’t think Bowles is the issue, he thinks for the team to turn the quarter and take the next step there need to be some big changes this offseason.

“I don’t believe so,” Adams said. “If something in life is going wrong and you don’t fix the problem, it’s not going to change. So there needs to be change.”

Adams thinks some of the true issues inside the organization are being blamed on Bowles and he would like to have an honest conversation with the higher-ups to talk about some the changes that need to happen.

“I definitely do,” he said. “If people don’t speak up, it’s going to stay the same. We all have to speak up, and we all have to say what’s on our minds. It’s not really time for: ‘Oh, don’t say this, don’t say that.’ No, we need to say this, and we need to say that.

Right now it appears that the only causality this offseason will be Bowles and the coaching staff but depending on what the players say, maybe there will be some more shakeup in the front office.

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