The New York Jets may have two players at the same position that share the same name, however, Quinnen Williams is convinced that is not where his likeness to Leonard Williams ends.

During the Jets preseason win over the Atlanta Falcons, Williams was overheard mentioning how good he likes to look on game days. The rookie poked some fun by claiming it was all taken from him, via Streamable:

Leonard: “I be swagging on game day.”

Quinnen: “You be stealing my swag, bro. I seen your swag.”

Leonard: “How did I steal your swag when I came out before you?

Quinnen: “Bro you had one sleeve on then you stole my number, then you stole my last name. And you stole the same helmet I had.”

Leonard: “Bro I had that number before you even got to college.”

The elder Williams clearly wasted no time in pulling seniority over his new teammate. It is safe to say that the rookie may have a tough time reclaiming his identity in New York.

It is encouraging to see the two hit it off so quickly. The third overall pick in the 2019 NFL Draft has become a viral sensation for his charismatic personality and it was on full display here. He will now be tasked with helping to anchor a Jets defense that is optimistic about a potential resurgence in the 2019 NFL season.

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The veteran has shared some high praise for his new teammate.

Regardless, it appears he has no intention of sharing his swag with Williams any time soon.