The New York Jets went all in on Aaron Rodgers, and then an Achilles injury four plays into the 2023 campaign put him out for the remainder of the season. Now, the team with so many offensive weapons and an incredible defense says it’s sticking with Zach Wilson at quarterback. However, ESPN’s Shannon Sharpe is calling for Tom Brady to be the Jets’ next phone call.

“I’m calling Tom Brady,” Sharpe said on First Take when asked if he’d bring in a veteran QB to the Jets. “Seriously. I am going to put a call into Tom Brady. All these other guys — I understand that [Carson] Wentz is available and Nick Foles is available, and maybe you can get Matt Ryan to come up out of the booth at CBS. I’m calling Tom! ‘Tom, seriously, we got $25 mil on the table for you. Can you come give us something?’”

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This is obviously an incredible take by Shannon Sharpe on many levels.

Brady tormented the Jets for years with the New England Patriots, so going to Gang Green would be the ultimate slap in the face to Brady’s former franchise. Also, it’s an incredible indictment of Zach Wilson. Brady may be the GOAT, but he also just turned 46, and Sharpe is implying he’s a way better option than the 2021 No. 2 overall pick.

While this seems like the ultimate First Take hot take, we’ll see what happens. The Jets have too much talent to let this season slip away after the Aaron Rodgers injury, so if Wilson can’t get the job done, maybe the team will call a certain 15-time Pro Bowl, seven-time Super Bowl champion QB who just happens to already own a place in New York City… just saying.