Jets news: Tony Dungy says New York needs to learn from the Patriots
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Tony Dungy says Jets need to learn from the Patriots

Tony Dungy

The New York Jets were a team that allowed a lot to get out there about the availability of their players. Many players were displeased of the news that came of the situation happening at the trade deadline, including their emotional leader on defense, Pro Bowl safety Jamal Adams.

He was infuriated of the matter and went to social media and directly called out Jets general manager Joe Douglas over the news of him in trade talks. The media and players talked about their displeasure over the situation as a whole, including former head coach and current NBC analyst, Tony Dungy. Not because of the Jets wanting to trade one of their best players, but because the word got out about it.

“I don’t understand some of these teams,” Dungy said per Michael David Smith of Pro Football Talk. “The Patriots, they’ve been on top for years and years. You’re never going to hear anything out of their organization about, ‘We took a phone call on this guy.’ Jamal Adams said, ‘They don’t take calls on Tom Brady.’ We don’t know that. They might take phone cals. They’ll never let you know if they do. That’s the issue more than anything.”

Bill Belichick and the Patriots organization have been known for its ability to keep everything under wraps and not allowing the public to know everything. The Jets allowed too much to get out and they are paying for their mistake. They could learn a thing or two from their rival.