Joakim Noah is entering free agency as his contract with the Chicago Bulls has officially come to an end. Noah is commonly known as a fantastic defender who can always make a serious impact on a game as soon as he enters. He was a great piece for Chicago for many years, but now it seems more and more likely that he won't be back in a Bulls uniform next year.

Noah has said that he wants to enjoy his free agency experience. Most free agents with lots of experience under their belt like to say that they want to play for a contender. Noah though, in an interview with Sportando, had a different outlook on the situation:

Sportando: So are you going to consider other offers, right?
Noah: Sure. I’ll consider every offer on the table, no doubt.

Check out the full interview on their site as they ask him more questions about his thoughts on the Bulls season as well.

Joakim Noah is ready for what will be an exciting off-season for him as he'll be coveted by almost every NBA team in need of a center. Noah makes it sound like every team, good and bad, has a chance to acquire him.

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