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Joe Ingles will help Utah’s underprivileged residents by donating portion of his salary

Joe Ingles

Just recently, Utah Jazz guard Joe Ingles proved that he has a big heart by paying for the technology that will allow his legally blind fans to see. Now, he has shared his plans for the underprivileged children in Utah, which will further show how good of a person he is.

Speaking to The Daily Telegraph’s Matt Logue, the 29-year-old Australian international revealed that he and his wife are looking to help many children and families,as a way of giving back to the community. He added that since he has a new contract, he doesn’t need all of the money, and would like to share his blessings to people in need.

“We (he and his wife) are going to do a lot of stuff with underprivileged children and families. I mean, we don’t need that much money. Nobody in the world needs that much money.

“So we’ll spend a lot of time helping out kids and families that need the help. We’ll start in Utah because we are going to be there in a few months, but then we’ll do some things in Australia.”

Ingles has long been vocal about his desire to remain with the Jazz, as his family is very comfortable living in Salt Lake City, and they feel welcomed there. He got his wish early this summer when his team extended an offer to him, which he quickly agreed on. With the plans he has for the less fortunate, it can be expected that they will be loved even more not just by the Jazz fans, but all the residents of the city. Ingles is living proof that money is not the only thing important for a professional athlete, but also how he makes a positive impact to his community, or the one he plays for.