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Joe Ingles pays bill of technology that would allow legally blind fan to see

Joe Ingles

#TakeNote of this, hoops fans: Joe Ingles is a good guy. How else can you describe the Utah Jazz forward after he did perhaps one of the most generous thing an NBA player has done in helping a child enjoy the gift of sight?

As reported by Patrick Basler of SBNation.com, Ingles was the one who paid the $10,000 needed for the technology that would help seven-year-old Jazz fan Landon Carter see clearly through special eyewear provided by eSight.

Landon is legally blind, missing both of his eyes’ irises (a condition called Anirdia) since he was born, and due to that, he wasn’t able to watch Jazz games. That is until Ingles decided to wear a cape and play the hero for the young Jazz diehard.

Ingles has just been paid this summer big time, striking a rich $52-million, four-year deal with the Jazz. The three-year NBA pro could’ve celebrated his windfall by spending those 10 grands like a typical NBA player would – fitting out his teeth with diamond grills or by paying a whole bar’s tab for a night – but instead, he went out of his way to pay it forward.

Now that he’s done his part, all Ingles want for now is to see Gordon Hayward back in Utah uniform.