The GOAT debate in MMA is a tricky one and many have had trouble picking just one fighter. Joe Rogan has recently spoken out and made his pick and it's a former UFC champion.

Joe Rogan famously appeared on Hotboxin’ with Mike Tyson where they talked about every topic imaginable. Eventually, the UFC commentator was asked to make his pick for the GOAT in MMA.

“It’s hard to say, but it might have been Mighty Mouse (Demetrious Johnson). When he was in his prime, he was so magnificent, he was so fast, and he was doing things that you couldn’t believe that he was doing. He hit [Ray Borg] with a suplex, and caught him with an armbar on the way down. He body-dumped this guy, and in the process of taking him to the ground, got him in an armbar.”

Joe Rogan continued, “When he was in his prime, he was fighting world-caliber competition and they weren’t even hitting him. He was moving on angles that they didn’t expect, he was feinting them and shooting for takedowns, he was kicking them in the head when they thought he was going to throw a takedown. He was hitting people with wizard shit.”

Demetrious Johnson is not mentioned in the GOAT debate as much ever since he left the UFC a few years ago and joined ONE Championship. There was a time when he was seen as the obvious pick for greatest of all time in his weight class and many were debating if he was better than Jon Jones.