John Harbaugh’s net worth in 2023 is $16 million. Harbaugh is a football coach who is currently serving as the head coach of the Baltimore Ravens. He’s a former NFL Coach of the Year and a Super Bowl Champion. For this piece, let’s take a look at John Harbaugh’s net worth in 2023. 

John Harbaugh’s net worth in 2023 (estimate): $16 million


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John Harbaugh’s net worth in 2023 is $16 million. This is according to reputable outlets such as Celebrity Net Worth

John Harbaugh was born in Toledo, Ohio. Harbaugh studied in Pioneer High School. Afterwards, he went on to study at Miami University and took up a degree in political science. Harbaugh also played for the football team as a defensive back. He earned the Football Scholar Athlete Award. 

John Harbaugh's early coaching career

In 1984, Harbaugh graduated from university and went on to study in Western Michigan University to work on his master's degree. At the same time, Harbaugh also got his feet wet in the football coaching world. In his time with WMU, he coached the outside linebackers and the running backs. In the next few years, Harbaugh served as an assistant coach for various college football programs such as University of Pittsburgh, Morehead State University, University of Cincinnati, and Indiana University. 

It was only in 1998 when Harbaugh entered the NFL scene. He was hired by the Philadelphia Eagles as a special teams coordinator. For eight years, Harbaugh was the Eagles’ special team coach. But in 2007, Harbaugh was elevated to a defensive backs coach. It’s worth noting that special teams coaches were rarely elevated into a head-coaching position

John Harbaugh becomes head coach of the Ravens

After his eighth year with the Eagles, Harbaugh was hired by the Baltimore Ravens, which was his first head-coaching job in the NFL. Harbaugh agreed to a four-year contract that was worth at least $2 million. 

Right off the bat, the Ravens emerged as a playoff contender under Harbaugh’s watch. He stirred the Ravens into five straight playoff appearances. And in 2011, the Ravens believed that Harbaugh was the right coach of the franchise. Because of this, the front office offered him a fresh deal, which Harbaugh agreed to. The Ravens coach inked a lucrative extension that was worth $12 million for three years. 

John Harbaugh leads Ravens to title

After inking a lucrative deal, Harbaugh repaid the Ravens franchise by stirring the squad to a Super Bowl championship in 2012. The Ravens eliminated the likes of the Indianapolis Colts, Denver Broncos, and the New England Patriots in the postseason.

The squad eventually dispatched the San Francisco 49ers, 34-31, in the Super Bowl. This marked the first time in NFL History that two brothers coached against each other in the Super Bowl. Harbaugh coached against his brother, Jim Harbaugh, who was the head coach of the 49ers at the time.  Jim Harbaugh is the current coach of the University of Michigan football team.

Although Harbaugh couldn’t bring the Ravens back to the playoffs in the following year, their playoff absence wasn’t long as they returned to the postseason in 2014. With this, Harbaugh became only one of eight coaches to lead their team to six playoff appearances in their first seven seasons. Moreover, he’s also the second-winningest coach in terms of playoff victories during his first seven years. 

With Harbaugh emerging as the right coach for the Ravens, he agreed to stay with the Ravens on another extension. The deal lasted for four years and would pay Harbaugh $7 million per season. Unfortunately, after this deal, the Ravens missed the playoffs all the way until 2017. Because of this, there were rumors that a change in coaching was supposed to happen. 

However, the Ravens decided to stick with Harbaugh by giving him a one-year extension. By this time, Harbaugh boasted the fifth-best winning percentage among active coaches in the NFL with .601. Moreover, the Ravens simply couldn’t just let go of the coach that gave them the most wins in history. 

John Harbaugh is named NFL Coach of the Year

By 2019, Harbaugh displayed one of his best coaching seasons. He led the Ravens to a dominant 14-2-0 record to clinch the top seed in the AFC playoffs. Although the Ravens fell short in the postseason after succumbing to the Tennessee Titans 28-12, Harbaugh was still awarded the AP NFL Coach of the Year. 

After winning the Coach of the Year Award, Harbaugh was rewarded by the Ravens with another lucrative extension. Harbaugh agreed to stay in Baltimore by signing a four-year deal that will pay him $9 million annuallyIn 2022, the Ravens signed Harbaugh to a three-year extension that will run through 2025.

Under Harbaugh’s reign, the Ravens have stayed competitive by making 10 playoff appearances. Moreover, with Harbaugh coaching, Baltimore has posted a solid 158-106 record including the postseason through the 2022 season. It’s worth noting that Harbaugh is also currently the third-longest-tenured coach in the NFL today. With his next contract extension, Harbaugh could potentially be in for another huge payday. 

Given his coaching success, it’s a given that Harbaugh got most of his net worth from his lucrative paychecks in the NFL. Nevertheless, were you at all stunned by John Harbaugh’s net worth in 2022?