Katy Perry is one of the biggest pop icons today. She has released hit singles such as Roar, California Gurls, The One That Got Away, I Kissed a Girl, Teenage Dream, and many others. Perry also has a Primetime Emmy Award nomination to her name. Perry has also been an American Idol judge. With Perry's well-accomplished career in music, have you ever wondered how a world-class singer like her lives? Well, here's a chance to learn a bit more about Katy Perry's $11 million penthouse in Hollywood Hills, a neighborhood of Los Angeles.

It has been around three years since Perry last released an album. Although the Primetime Emmy Award nominee has been quiet as of late, she has been making moves for her real estate portfolio. Just recently, the Teenage Dream singer bought a luxurious Hollywood Hills condo. Before Perry, the property belonged to the daughter of Min Kao, the founder of Garmin. For the purchase, Perry shelled out $11 million.

Originally built in 1965, Perry's newly acquired $11 million penthouse encompasses 3,001 square feet of living space. It is one of the apartments in the well-known Sierra Towers skyscraper. It includes two bedrooms and three bathrooms. The penthouse features a wet bar, a yoga wall, a movie theater, a modern kitchen equipped with high-quality appliances, an office, a spacious living room, a decent dining area, and a master bedroom with a sleek bathroom.

While the home's interior has been great, as a resident of Sierra Towers, the Primetime Emmy Award nominee can also avail of the tower's amenities. These include a fitness gym, an outdoor swimming pool, 24/7 security, a concierge, and valet parking. However, the amenities would make Perry shell out $5,249 on a monthly basis.

Aside from the home's overall design and amenities, it's the location that makes it more attractive. Situated well above the busy streets of Beverly Hills, Perry should have no problems enjoying a breathtaking view of the city.

Perry is one of the most successful singers in Hollywood. As a result, it isn't a surprise that she can afford to live a luxurious lifestyle. According to Celebrity Net Worth, Perry has a net worth of around $330 million.

Nevertheless, this is all the information that we have on Katy Perry's $11 million penthouse in Hollywood Hills.