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Kevin Durant, James Harden, Nets

Kevin Durant And James Harden Are An Unstoppable Force Of Nature

The Brooklyn Nets are going to be a force to be reckoned with in the playoffs. On Monday night, the Nets, without Kyrie Irving, beat the Milwaukee Bucks who were basically at full-strength. Adding Kyrie into the mix with Kevin Durant and James Harden may be a little rocky at first but there’s no telling how potent their offense can become with all three players back in the fold.

On the daily Locked On Bucks Podcast, hosts Kane Pitman and Frank Madden breakdown the Bucks loss to the Nets and how hard it is to try and stop Kevin Durant and James Harden.

Frank Madden: They did a nice job kind of keeping Durant honest for most of the night even if they obviously weren’t able to stop him per se, but it’s hard to ever say, ‘oh, man, you should do more to try to stop Kevin Duran or James Harden.’ You just try to make life difficult and obviously with Harden, they’ve had some success trying to force him to his right but tonight, especially if Harden has this floater game working, good luck, right? That’s probably the shot that you probably can live with the most if you’re defending him from a Bucks perspective. You know he’s going to get looks at threes, but if he gets to the rim for layups, that’s a problem. He doesn’t take really difficult mid-range shots. The floater is probably the hardest shot that he’s willing to take and again, you just kind of tip your cap to some extent tonight.

Kane Pitman: I mean, honestly, if you said at the start of the game you’re going to get 64 points from Durant and Harden combined on 46 shots, you probably sit there and say, ‘oh, that’s pretty good.’ I’ll take that every single night of the week. Unfortunately, the nine for 12 three-point shooting that you pointed out from Jeff Green and Joe Harris was a bit of a dagger, that was a little bit tough to overcome, but you don’t expect that every single night either.