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Kevin Durant commits to retiring with Brooklyn Nets ‘as of today’

Nets, Kevin Durant

Kevin Durant just confirmed that he intends to retire with the Brooklyn Nets. His declaration did come with a huge caveat, though, with the former MVP winner also saying that this is mindset as of this very moment.

Durant made his statement in a recent guesting on The Players’ Tribune’s “Text Message Talk Show“:

“As of today, this second, yes…” Durant texted on the show, via Brian Lewis of the New York Post.

We’re not exactly sure how to feel about this. While Durant did express how he intends to see out his career with the Nets, he also left a window open for a possibility of parting ways with the team before he finally calls it a career.

An Achilles injury has prevented Durant from playing a single minute as a Net since arriving as a free agent last summer. Nevertheless, he is expected to be fully fit for the opening of the new season, and with him playing alongside Kyrie Irving, Brooklyn has emerged as one of the title favorites for the 2020-21 campaign.

We will need to take this declaration with a grain of salt, though. After all, loyalty is not exactly one of KD’s strong suits, based on what we’ve seen from him over the past few years.

Durant just turned 32, and needless to say, he is no spring chicken. He’s still one of the best players in the game — at least prior to the major injury — but it cannot be denied that Father Time is catching up with him, hence the retirement talk.