The Sacramento Kings have been quite a revelation this season. There's no denying that it's still early in the campaign, but based on what we've seen from this team so far, it's hard for Kings fans not to get excited about their playoff chances this season.

Sacramento star De'Aaron Fox clearly feels the same way. The 24-year-old also likes how his team has come out this season, and he's now gained enough confidence to say that he believes the Kings are capable of big things this year:

“The way that we started this season, we feel like we could play with anybody,” Fox told Chris Haynes of Bleacher Report. “For me, it's going out there and competing every night. One thing I've told everybody this year is to just be steady. You're going to go through highs and lows of a season, you're going to go through highs and lows of a game, and if you could just continue to just be steady, we'll be in a position to be in the playoffs.

“[Head coach] Mike [Brown] always talks about there are teams that get to the playoffs every year and lose in the first round. You don't want to be one of those teams. We have to be steady, man.”

The last time the Kings made it to the postseason was in 2006. It's been quite a while since this team tasted playoff action, and Fox feels that this could be their year. They're not going to be settling for just a participation medal either, with Sacramento hoping to go on an extended run in the postseason.

Despite his confidence in his team, however, De'Aaron Fox is keeping grounded. He knows that the Kings still have a long way to go, and for his part, he's making sure that the rest of the team keeps their eyes on the prize amid the challenges that they are surely set to face.